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We show the same care and diligence to all our clients while providing attorneyship services. Regardless of the financial value of the case or the business, every client’s work is equally and equally important to us. Therefore, trust, quality and care are essential in our understanding of legal services.

ALKAN Law Firm, founded by Attorney Ahmet ALKAN, is an experienced and dynamic law firm that provides advocacy and legal consultancy services to real and legal persons for whom it undertakes legal representation, and acts with a solution and sustainable result-oriented approach at all stages of the trial phase.

It aims to provide advocacy and legal consultancy services within the framework of a relationship of trust, with competence and expertise, in a solution-oriented manner. It has adopted the principle of dealing with the legal issues and disputes of the real and legal persons for which it undertakes the legal representation, from the beginning to the end, with seriousness and sensitivity.

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Our Services

Heavy Criminal Law

Criminal Law

Insurance And Compensation Law

Real Estate And Construction Law

Enforcement and Bankruptcy Law

Contract Law

Family And Divorce Law

Labor And Social Security Law

Inheritance Law

Foreigners Law

Legal Consultation

Immigration and Refugee Law

About Our Work Areas

Criminal and Severe Penal Law

Our Law and Consultancy Office; with its experienced, competent and expert staff in terms of criminal, heavy criminal and criminal procedure law, it provides effective, practical, fast and result-oriented service in the light of universal principles and principles of law in complaints and denunciation, investigations, prosecutions and legal remedies.

Family and Divorce Law

ALKAN Law and Consultancy, within the framework of the Turkish Civil Code No. 4721 in force and related legislation; performs advocacy and legal consultancy services in disputes that fall within the jurisdiction of the Family Courts, especially in uncontested or contentious divorce cases.

Foreigners Law

Our Law and Consultancy Office, within the scope of foreigners law; It provides advocacy and consultancy services to international real and legal persons within the framework of international legislation in business, transactions, disputes and litigation, which have the element of foreignness.

Inheritance Law

Alkan Law and Consultancy, provides representation services and legal consultancy to its clients with its expert and successful lawyers in legal disciplines of private law character in legal issues, disputes and litigation that fall within the scope of inheritance law regulations within the framework of inheritance law regulations.

    Administrative Law

Alkan Law and Consultancy, within the framework of administrative law; Within the scope of the defense of real and legal persons against the administration, it provides litigation follow-up and legal consultancy services in annulment and full judicial cases, legal remedies against the regulatory actions of the administration and all kinds of legal issues within the field of examination of administrative law.

Labor and Social Security Law

We provide litigation follow-up and legal consultancy services related to the general dispute arising from the employment contract, such as receivable cases, termination cases, reinstatement cases, etc. that occur before the parties of the business relationship.

Commercial and Corporate Law

ALKAN Law Office provides advocacy and legal consultancy services to small, medium and large sized national and international companies, domestic and foreign clients/clients within the framework of commercial and corporate law, law of obligations and contract law.

Personal Data Protection Law

Our Legal & Consultancy Office, within the scope of the Law on the Protection of Personal Data in force numbered 6698; provides compliance process, application procedures, Board defense and appeal against the sanctions imposed by the Board and follow-up of the case processes.

Construction and Real Estate Law

Within the scope of construction and real estate law; We provide dispute resolution and litigation follow-up services in legal business, dispute and judicial activities involving construction and real estate.

Enforcement and Bankruptcy Law

Our Legal and Consultancy Office, performs settlement, settlement and litigation services in debtor-creditor relations and disputes arising from bankruptcy  within the framework of enforcement and bankruptcy law;.

Contract Law

We provide services for the preparation, arrangement, termination of all kinds of contracts subject to contract law and the resolution of disputes arising from the contract on the basis of law.

Tax Law

Within the framework of tax law legislation, for real and legal persons; It provides legal services and legal consultancy in all legal business, transactions, disputes and litigation that fall within the field of examination and regulation of tax law, such as pre-litigation conciliation activity, litigation follow-up, applications for cancellation of tax penalties and correction request procedures.

Legal Consultancy

Our Legal and Consultancy Office provides legal consultancy to Turkish and foreign clients at national and international level by determining a road map on current legal issues and providing preventive legal support by expressing the risks that may occur in the future.

Litigation and Dispute Resolution

ALKAN Law Office; It provides legal consultancy, arbitration and litigation follow-up services regarding possible disputes and risks to Turkish and foreign clients, national and international organizations, companies and investors.

Constitutional Court Individual Application

ALKAN Law Office, carries out the procedures of filing an individual application to the Constitutional Court, determining whether the administrative and judicial remedies have been exhausted before the application and evaluating the admissibility conditions related to the application before the Constitutional Court within the scope of the Constitutional Court Individual Application service.

European Court of Human Rights Individual Application

Our Law and Consultancy Office; carries out the application to the European Court of Human Rights on the alleged violation of human rights and freedoms, the evaluation of whether domestic legal remedies have been exhausted, and the examination of the admissibility conditions of the application before the European Court of Human Rights.


ALKAN Law Office, in line with its mediation activity; provides representation and legal support in the preparation and arrangement of mediation contracts, party representation in mediation activity and execution of the mediation agreement document.


Our Law Office; represents Turkish and foreign clients in the arrangement of arbitration contracts, the follow-up of arbitration cases, the recognition, enforcement and cancellation of the decisions rendered as a result of the arbitration.

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