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Antalya criminal and heavy penal lawyer, who provides legal support as an advocate in criminal and heavy criminal cases; allocates the knowledge and experience they have gained in criminal law for the benefit of those who request legal assistance from them. Antalya criminal and heavy penalty lawyer provides services in order to ensure that the person they undertake defense do not lose rights, benefits, material and time.

Who is a Criminal Lawyer, What Do They Do?

Criminal lawyer is the name of the lawyer who specializes in criminal law and has gained experience with criminal law cases. In fact, in the Turkish legal order, terms such as “criminal lawyer”, “heavy penal lawyer”, “divorce lawyer” are not prescribed. As a matter of fact, the profession of lawyer is a profession in which there is no legal branching.

In practice, “criminal lawyer” for lawyers handling criminal cases; For lawyers who provide legal assistance in serious criminal cases, we also use these expressions because the terms “heavy penal lawyer” are used. In this case, the criminal lawyer; deals with acts that constitute concrete injustice and are committed by a person; provides legal assistance in the investigation and prosecution of such acts.

Ahmet Alkan Law Office Antalya Criminal Lawyer Services

In terms of its place in the legal system, it will be very useful to carry out criminal law works that require advanced legal techniques and knowledge by a successful and experienced lawyer. The main cases in which legal assistance is provided by the criminal lawyers of Ahmet Alkan Law Office, which works on behalf of this benefit and serves as a criminal lawyer in Antalya, are as follows:

  • Leading to suicide,
  • Trade in organs or tissues,
  • Torture
  • Aggravated injury as a result,
  • Intentional wounding,
  • Migrant smuggling,
  • Experimentation on humans,
  • Blackmail,
  • Algebra,
  • Miscarriage and causing miscarriage,
  • Intentional injury committed by negligent conduct,
  • Injury by negligence,
  • Threat,
  • Insult,
  • Violation of the confidentiality of communication,
  • Depriving a person of their liberty,
  • Neutering,
  • Sexual harassment,
  • Blocking of communication,
  • Theft,
  • Damage to property,
  • Listening to and recording conversations between people,
  • Violation of the immunity of the dwelling,
  • Disturbing the peace and tranquility of people,
  • Unlawful export or acquisition of data,
  • Deliberate endangerment of general security,
  • Endangering traffic safety,
  • Entering an area unfairly,
  • Violation of the privacy of private life,
  • Recording of personal data,
  • Fraud,
  • Breaking the seal,
  • Forgery of official document,
  • Deliberate pollution of the environment,
  • Abuse of trust,
  • Using the free deed,
  • Forgery of the seal,
  • Shameless acts,
  • Obscenity,
  • Forgery of private document,
  • Facilitating the use of drugs or stimulants,
  • Buying, accepting, or possessing drugs or stimulants for use, or using drugs or stimulants,
  • Inciting or humiliating the people to hatred and enmity,
  • Entering the information system,
  • Obstruct, disrupt, destroy or modify the system,
  • Prostitution,
  • Abuse of a disclosed signature,
  • Praising the crime and the criminal,
  • Interfere with the performance of the act,
  • Fabricating crimes,
  • False testimony,
  • Abuse of office,
  • Providing a place and facility for gambling,
  • Mischief in the tender,
  • Failure to report the crime,
  • Resisting not to do the duty,
  • Calumny,
  • Insulting the President,
  • Taking offense.

Antalya criminal and heavy penal lawyer

Antalya Criminal Lawyer Contact Information

Although it is not a legally correct approach to make comparisons between cases in terms of importance and value; It would not be a wrong proposition to state that criminal cases in which prison sentences restricting liberty are prescribed are extremely important in terms of their outcome. In criminal cases with very important results, it would be appropriate to get help from a lawyer with high experience and legal knowledge.

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Criminal Lawyer Fees

The criminal lawyer considers certain parameters when determining the attorney’s fee. Some of them are: the lawyer’s expertise, experience, success, the workload that the concrete file will bring to the lawyer, its complexity, the stage of the file (investigation, prosecution, etc.). Since these parameters will differ for each concrete case, the criminal lawyer fees are not fixed.

The parties (criminal lawyer and the person applying for the assistance of a lawyer) may freely determine the attorney’s fee, provided that it is not less than the amount stipulated in the Attorneyship Minimum Wage Schedule published in the Official Newspaper, which is updated annually by the Union of Bar Associations of Turkey. Let us underline that the fee will be shaped according to factors such as the effort of the lawyer and the expertise in his/her job.

Criminal cases are difficult and complex in nature; in terms of its outcome, they are extremely important cases. Therefore, getting legal support from an experienced and successful lawyer in profession will result in the interest of the person. The fee to be requested by the lawyer shall be decided by the parties in the light of the parameters mentioned above, provided that it is not less than the amount stipulated in the minimum wage tariff.

How are Antalya Criminal Lawyer Fees Determined?

When determining the fees of the Antalya criminal lawyer, there are many factors that the lawyer considers. However, the factors that play a major role in determining the fee are: the difficulty and complexity of the concrete file, the professional experience and expertise of the lawyer, the time and effort to be expended. It should be noted that the attorney’s fee, which will be decided by taking these factors into consideration, cannot be less than the amount determined in the attorney minimum wage tariff.

When are Antalya Criminal Lawyer Fees Paid?

When the criminal lawyer fees will be paid is a matter of curiosity by those who are parties to the criminal proceedings, who want to be represented in the best way in order to avoid loss of rights and benefits, and who therefore receive help from a criminal lawyer. The lawyer and the person applying for attorney’s assistance can agree on an agreed date for when the attorney’s fee is to be paid.

How Much Does Criminal Cases Cost?

Court costs payable for criminal cases are regulated by the applicable Fees Law No. 492. In terms of criminal cases, there is no expense until the outcome of the case. As a result of the case, the defendant who is sentenced to the penalty is charged the trial expenses in accordance with the Law No. 6183 on the Procedure for the Collection of Public Receivables.

How Long Do Criminal Cases Last?

The duration of criminal cases varies according to the scope and content of the criminal case file. The main factors affecting the duration of the trial are: the number of the accused, the complainant and the witnesses, whether there will be discovery activities at the crime scene, the number and variety of other evidence to be collected, whether the expert report will be consulted, etc.

The average duration of a criminal case in a local court is 2 years. However, according to the factors mentioned in the previous paragraph, it is possible to increase the 2-year period. This is generally the approximate amount of time spent for the adjudication of criminal cases in the local court. Depending on the characteristics and circumstances of the concrete event, it is quite possible that the duration will decrease or increase.

Is it Mandatory to Hire a Criminal Lawyer?

In the Turkish legal order, the scope of compulsory advocacy is determined by law. Accordingly; Suspects, defendants or complainants who are incapacitated, deaf or mute to the extent of being unable to defend themselves, those who are minors and the suspect or defendants who are being tried for an offense whose lower limit is more than 5 years of imprisonment must retain a criminal lawyer.

People who cannot afford to hire a criminal lawyer can request a lawyer for free. Lawyers are assigned to these people by the relevant bar association. In the cases mentioned in the previous paragraph, it is essential to hire a lawyer. If the person does not have sufficient financial means to hire a lawyer, a lawyer authorized by the Bar Association is assigned to the case file.

How to Find the Best Criminal Lawyer in Antalya?

First of all, it should be noted that it is not the right approach in terms of professional ethics to make a characterization as “best” for lawyers or for a lawyer to make such a qualification for themselves. We can state that every lawyer who knows the responsibilities in the professional sense allocates their knowledge and experience for the benefit of the people they provide help and make a careful work is a good and successful lawyer.

In Which Courts Does Antalya Criminal Lawyer Serve?

The courts where Antalya criminal lawyer serves are as follows:

  • Antalya Heavy Penal Courts,
  • Antalya Criminal Courts of First Instance,
  • Antalya Juvenile Criminal Courts,
  • Antalya Enforcement Criminal Courts,
  • Antalya Criminal Court of Peace,
  • District Magistrate Court (Appeal),
  • Court of Cassation (Appeal).

How Does Antalya Criminal Lawyer Serve?

The Antalya criminal lawyer starts by making a comprehensive and deep analysis on the concrete file and determining the most ideal road map from a legal point of view. In order to ensure that the person he/she undertakes to defend the maximum benefit from the service he/she performs; conducts a comprehensive and multifaceted research from the substantive facts of the concrete file to the detailed issues.

The lawyer specialized in criminal cases ensures that the process is followed meticulously and meticulously, starting from the information and findings obtained as a result of the analysis of the concrete file, taking into account all the elements, evidence, etc. that may be favorable in terms of obtaining a favorable result as a result of the case. In this direction, he/she tries to achieve a positive result by considering the balance of rights and interests of the person it defends.

The Importance of Working with a Criminal Lawyer

As a result of criminal cases, very heavy sanctions such as judicial fines and imprisonment are prescribed. For this reason, the litigation process should be followed meticulously and there should be no room for erroneous or negligent transactions. The criminal lawyer is the lawyer who is extremely important to apply and get help in order to follow the process carefully and to prevent loss of rights and benefits due to erroneous or negligent transactions.

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