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ALKAN Law Firm which is established by Atty. Ahmet ALKAN in Antalya in 2015, aims to regulate legal relations, resolve all legal problems and disputes in a fair and just manner, and ensure the complete implementation of the rules stipulated by the legal order, at all levels, including judicial organs, public and private persons, arbitrators, boards and with the aim of providing before institutions; It provides services by allocating its legal knowledge and experience to the service of justice and to the benefit of its clients.

Based on the fact that law is a self-renewing, updating and dynamic discipline and adapting to changing conditions,  ALKAN Law Office develops effective, strategic, sustainable and result-oriented solutions to the national and international legal issues and needs of its Turkish and foreign clients; It implements the developed solutions with its competent and experienced lawyers urgently, with care and seriousness.

ALKAN Law Office, which serves with its institutionalism, experienced lawyer staff and principled service understanding, determines a solution map in line with the needs and demands of its client in the file entrusted to it; In this context, it applies to judicial remedies provided that it considers the rights and interests of the client. Not only through litigation; it also resorts to alternative dispute resolution methods such as settlement and conciliation.

ALKAN Law Office, which was established in Antalya on the basis of respect for the rule of law, has been performing its duty to defend and ensure the rights and freedoms in front of the judiciary within the limits set by law since the day it started its activity life, in a manner that serves to ensure justice by observing the rights – interests – material – time balance of its clients.

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