Our Principles

As Alkan Law Firm, we see that developing our professional character with the values ​​and principles we believe in, has a positive effect on the client-attorney relations. We are developing and renewing our corporate structure and working system, taking into account our principles that we adhere strictly and do not compromise.

  • To be sensitive to professional competence in order to successfully represent the client and provide effective consultancy services.
  • Carrying client-provided information – such as private personal information and valuable trade secrets – in confidence and confidentiality.
  • Clearly declare the attorney’s fee; to be fair and reasonable in wages, not to conflict with the law and professional rules.
  • Not to act in a way that would undermine the reputation of the legal profession and the public’s trust in the profession.
  • In order to prevent a conflict of interest, not to provide services to two separate clients in matters that are in conflict or likely to arise.
  • To respect the rule of law and to serve the fair administration of justice.
  • Loyalty to the client within the framework of honesty and transparency.
  • Independence and impartiality.
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