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Antalya Divorce Lawyer

Antalya divorce lawyer provides legal representation & consultancy services in legal business, transactions, disputes and cases that fall within the field of examination and regulation of divorce law. Antalya divorce lawyer brings their knowledge, experience and experience in family and divorce law to the benefit of their clients. They provide a careful, meticulous, comprehensive and versatile service in order to prevent loss of rights, benefits, material and time.

Antalya divorce lawyer has expertise, experience and competence in family and divorce law, which is a legal discipline with a private law character. The divorce lawyer, who defends the rights of the persons applying for legal aid, serves to conclude the concrete legal work in the desired direction by considering the balance of rights and interests of the people he represents and provides counseling.

Who is a Divorce Lawyer, What Do They Do?

Divorce is the termination of the marriage union by a judge’s decision as a result of a lawsuit filed by one of the spouses based on a reason stipulated by the legal order while the spouses are alive. The divorce lawyer, on the other hand, defends the rights and interests of the person / persons he/she represents or provides consultancy in this process. In order to avoid irreparable losses, faulty or negligent transactions are prevented.

As a rule any lawyer who has completed his legal undergraduate education and legal internship may serve as a representative in all kinds of cases. In addition, in our legal system, there is no legal branching in terms of the legal profession. Therefore, definitions such as “divorce lawyer”, “family lawyer”, “criminal lawyer” that include expertise and branch are not correct.

Lawyers who have competence and experience in family and divorce law affairs are often called “family lawyers”, “divorce lawyers”. Although such expressions expressing professional expertise and branch are not correct, there is a widespread use among the public. In this respect, we also include the terms “family lawyer” and “divorce lawyer”.

International Divorce Lawyer in Legal Affairs with Foreign Element

There may be an element of foreignness in business and cases arising from family law. For example, there may be a foreign person in a divorce case. In such a case, in order to follow up and carry out the legal process, it is necessary to have knowledge not only in terms of procedural law and Turkish Civil Code, but also in terms of international law legislation and procedure.

  • Marriages in which one of the parties is a foreign national shall be subject to the law of which country,
  • In which country and how to file a lawsuit in international family law and divorce cases,
  • Duty in international divorce cases – the matter of the competent owner court,
  • Issues such as the right to custody of the joint child, alimony, material and non-pecuniary damage, property division, etc. of which country law will be applied require advanced legal technique and knowledge.

Many issues involved in foreign marriages are pursued through an international divorce lawyer. Although it is not necessary to get the help of a lawyer in such cases, since there is a serious difference in terms of procedure and law between a divorce process carried out in Turkey and a divorce process that contains an element of foreignness, it would be useful to apply for the help of a lawyer who has experience in international divorces.

Ahmet Alkan Law Office Antalya Family Lawyer Services

In order not to lose rights, interests and time in legal affairs related to family law, it is necessary to comply with the principle and procedure and not to engage in erroneous or negligent transactions. In this respect, getting help from a lawyer who has competence and experience in family law is the healthy and correct approach. Ahmet Alkan Law Office family and divorce law lawyers serving in this field:

  • Engagement compensations (financial compensation case, non-pecuniary compensation case),
  • Return of engagement gifts in case of termination of engagement,
  • Termination of marriage (death, infidelity, change of sex),
  • Invalid marriages,
  • Absence of marriage (the absence of marriage),
  • Divorce proceedings due to adultery (infidelity),
  • Divorce proceedings due to caste on life, misconduct or degrading conduct,
  • Divorce proceedings due to committing crimes and leading dishonorable lives,
  • Divorce proceedings due to mental illness,
  • Divorce due to abandonment,
  • Consensual divorce case,
  • Contentious divorce case,
  • Negotiated divorce protocol,
  • Petition for divorce,
  • The shaking of the marriage union to its foundation,
  • Separation case,
  • Measure alimony,
  • Subsidiary alimony,
  • Poverty alimony,
  • Assistance alimony,
  • Compensation in divorce (case for pecuniary damage, suit for non-pecuniary damage),
  • Subject to the law of appeal and appeal of the decision of the local court,
  • Right of custody,
  • Adoption
  • Genealogical cases,
  • Works related to family housing,
  • Legal acts and transactions in terms of the protection of the family,
  • Commodity regime and liquidation,
  • As mentioned in the previous heading, the works and cases related to family and divorce law involving the element of foreignness.

It provides legal representation & consultancy services in this fields. Legal affairs within the scope of family law, require mastery of all relevant legislation, especially the Turkish Civil Code  No. 4721 in force. Therefore, it would be useful to seek the help of a lawyer experienced in family and divorce law in order to avoid loss of rights and interests in these legal affairs.

Antalya divorce lawyer provides legal representation & consultancy services in legal business, transactions, disputes and cases that fall within the field of examination and regulation of divorce law.

Antalya Divorce Lawyer Contact Information

Antalya divorce lawyer, who serves for the benefit of their client in legal affairs related to family and divorce law, ensures that the process is followed carefully and meticulously. Although it is not necessary to get the help of a lawyer in family law cases, it is a very correct and healthy approach to get lawyer help in order to avoid irreparable and even impossible losses.

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Divorce Lawyer Fees

The amount foreseen for the year 2023 regarding the divorce lawyer fee is TL 9,200.00. VAT at the rate of 8% is applied to this amount. In this case, the divorce lawyer fee is $9,936.00. Let us state that the fee to be requested by the divorce lawyer will be determined separately and specifically for each case file. Because the fee we have specified is the minimum, that is, the minimum amount, according to the Attorney Minimum Wage Schedule.

According to the Attorney Minimum Wage Schedule, the divorce lawyer fee should be at least 9.936,TL. In addition to the said tariff, there is a second tariff in terms of attorneys’ fees. This tariff is determined by the provincial bar associations to which the lawyers are affiliated. For example, in order to have information about the Antalya divorce lawyer fee, the tariff in the form of “recommendation” determined by the Antalya Bar Association is taken into consideration.

The divorce fee is determined separately for each divorce case. When determining the attorney’s fee for the divorce case, the time and effort to be allocated for the case file are taken as the basis. However, in any case, the lowest divorce lawyer fee for the year 2022 – 2023 is 9.936,00 Turkish Liras as stipulated in the Attorney Minimum Wage Tariff. Now, let’s share the Antalya Bar Association’s Advisory Fee Schedule.

The Antalya divorce lawyer determines the scope of the divorce case and what kind of road map should be followed in line with the information obtained from the client in the consultation appointment with the client. In this context, it shares the evidence to be presented with its client by evaluating how the evidence will be obtained, how to respond to the claims and demands to be put forward by the other party and the possible results.

There is usually no charge for the consultation appointment between the specialist lawyer and the client in divorce cases. Because the initial consultation is mandatory in terms of preparation for the case, the consultation fee is also considered within the scope of the case power of attorney. The attorney’s fee is determined according to the effort and time to be spent on the file, taking into account the information learned in the consultation interview.

How are Antalya Divorce Lawyer Fees Determined?

Antalya divorce lawyer takes into account various criteria when determining the attorney’s fee. First, it takes into account the time and effort it will take into account the file. Whether the divorce case is consensual or contentious also has a direct impact on the attorney’s fee. Although there is no definite rule, it should be noted that the amount to be requested for the contentious divorce case will be more than the amount to be requested for the consensual divorce case.

The Turkish legal system prohibits free practice of law. Therefore, it is imperative that a lawyer receives a minimum wage for the work they perform in accordance with their profession. This minimum wage is determined by the Union of Bar Associations of Turkey and the Ministry of Justice and published in the Official Newspaper. As a result, the minimum amount that an Antalya divorce lawyer can demand in exchange for their legal work is the amount stipulated in the tariff published in the Official Newspaper.

When are Antalya Divorce Lawyer Fees Paid?

The Antalya divorce lawyer fee becomes due upon the issuance of the power of attorney. Therefore, the attorney’s fee must be paid. However, it is not necessary to pay the attorney’s fee before the trial, the lawyer and the client can agree on any date. This issue is left to the free will of the parties and can be freely agreed between the lawyer and the client.

How Much Does Divorce Proceeding Cost?

Divorce proceeding costs; consists of four items: The counter-attorney fee, expenses, duties and taxes. First, let’s explain the litigation fees. The fixed deductible fees of the divorce case, are fixed fees determined by law every year. The amount of fees applicable to divorce, alimony, compensation and custody claims is approximately 1000 TL for the year 2023.

Although it varies according to the number of witnesses and the number of notifications to be sent, the witness fee; such as notification expenses are also among the costs of divorce proceedings. In addition, if the expert is consulted, the expert’s fee is also included in the costs of the trial. The average expert fee is 600 TL and may vary according to the concrete file.

The sum of fees and expenses is expressed as “trial expense”. The sum of the costs of the trial, that is, the fees and expenses, is imposed on the losing party as a result of the case. In other words, the winning party of the divorce case may apply for enforcement for the purpose of collecting the costs of the proceedings. The expense items we refer to are the standard expenses of a divorce proceeding.

If there are additional claims such as jewellery in the divorce case, a proportional fee must be paid for such additional claims. The relative fee amount varies according to the value of each case. In cases where the proportional fee is involved, 1/4 of the 11.37% of the value of the case is paid by the filing of the lawsuit; The remaining 3/4 amount is paid with the court decision.

Fees and Expenses in Divorce Cases
Application Fee 1 Piece 179.90 TL
Attorney Fee 1 Piece 25.60 TL
Advance Fee 1 Piece 179.90 TL
Expense Advance 2 Piece 710.00 TL
Power of Attorney Stamp 1 Piece 40.30 TL
Grout Total Expense Total Other Total Total Amount
385.40 TL 710.00 TL 40.30 TL 1,135.70 TL

How Long Do Divorce Proceedings Last?

Although there are many factors affecting the duration of divorce cases, the most important issue affecting the duration of the case is related to whether the case is contentious or consensual. Contentious divorce cases take longer compared to consensual divorce cases. In this respect, we will give two different answers to the question “How long do divorce proceedings last?” according to the type of case in question.

The uncontested divorce case lasts an average of 1 month, provided that the parties have agreed on every issue and the court is found appropriate. However, there is a much longer process in their contentious cases. The duration of the contentious divorce case varies according to factors such as the number of witnesses to be consulted in the trial process, the time it takes for the documents requested by the court to reach the court, and the investigation of contentious issues.

Is it Mandatory to Hire a Divorce Lawyer?

A divorce case is a type of case that can be pursued without the help of a lawyer. Therefore, it is not a legal obligation for the parties to hire a lawyer in a divorce case. However, the conduct of the case without the assistance of a lawyer may cause irreparable or even impossible loss of rights, especially due to faulty and negligent procedures on the basis of procedure and substance.

Many examples in practice show that what is seemingly justified; However, since the help of a competent lawyer is not obtained and sufficient information is not available, it is unfair due to erroneous and negligent procedures in terms of principle and procedure. As a result, it will be useful for the divorce case, which is an extremely important case both legally and socially, to be carried out by a lawyer who is an expert in the field.

How to Find the Best Divorce Lawyer in Antalya?

It is not correct for a divorce lawyer to describe himself with adjectives such as “best” and “most successful”, nor is it suitable for professional ethics. However, we can characterize any lawyer who strive to do their job in the best way, fulfill their professional duties completely, and takes care to perform their  job adequately as a successful and good divorce lawyer. In order to understand that the lawyer is good and successful professionally;

  • To be able to empathize with the client,
  • To have expertise in family and divorce law, which is a legal discipline with a private law character,
  • Not to distinguish the client according to their private life, belief, ideological opinion, sexual identity and orientation, social and economic status,
  • To be aware of the fact that the information obtained from the client has the nature of “secret” and its privacy,
  • To be able to create a legally strong road map and strategy,
  • To be able to communicate honestly and transparently,
  • In order for the concrete file to be concluded as soon as possible and in the desired direction, it can be considered to provide a meticulous, attentive, versatile and comprehensive service.

The best divorce lawyer in Antalya serve with the aim of concluding the concrete file subject to their assistance in a short time and in the desired direction by considering the balance of rights and interests of their clients. If you call a divorce lawyer within the borders of Antalya, you can reach divorce lawyers with the help of the Bar Association.

Contact information for all lawyers serving under the Antalya Bar Association can be obtained through the Antalya Bar Association. In this way, it is possible to reach the contact information of Antalya divorce lawyers with the help of the relevant plate. However, it is difficult to tell which lawyer was successful from here. The best method for this is to organize a meeting with the relevant lawyer and to have information about the lawyer by meeting in person.

In Which Courts Does Antalya Family Lawyer Serve?

Antalya family lawyer provides legal assistance in business and cases heard in Antalya family courts and Antalya court of first instance. In other words, the Antalya family and divorce lawyer provides services in business and cases that fall within the examination area of Antalya family courts and, in certain cases, Antalya court of first instance.

How Does Antalya Family and Divorce Lawyer Serve?

Ahmet Alkan Law Office, as a family and divorce lawyer, performs the services of defending the law and interests of its clients in the most accurate way, carrying out a careful, meticulous, multifaceted and comprehensive work throughout the legal process related to the concrete file, and providing honest, transparent and reliable representation & consultancy regarding the legal and psychological difficulties that the process will bring.

Alkan Law Office divorce lawyers, who are aware of the fact that the divorce process is extremely important in terms of individual and psychological aspects as well as legal aspects, do not only provide legal advice and representation in the divorce process; At the same time, drawing on their experience and knowledge, they also provide information on the psychological difficulties that the process will bring.

The Importance of Working with a Family and Divorce Lawyer

The family and divorce lawyer informs the client of their rights recognized by law; determine the most accurate road map. It gives advice and suggestions about the do’s and don’ts in the process. It explains the options of its client, the positive and negative situations that may be encountered, the possible risks and the results that may be encountered with transparency.

The place and importance of the cases that fall within the regulatory area of family law in terms of procedural law and their place and importance in the legal system make the assistance of lawyers in these cases extremely important and valuable. Although it is not necessary to get the help of a lawyer, the healthy approach in order to prevent erroneous or negligent transactions and to prevent loss of rights and benefits is to get help from an expert family and divorce lawyer.

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