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Antalya Contract Lawyer

Antalya contract lawyer performs legal representation & consultancy services in legal business, transaction, dispute and litigation that fall within the regulation area of contract law. Antalya contract lawyer prevents loss of rights, interests, material and time by allocating their legal knowledge, experience and experience in contract law to the benefit of their clients.

The consultancy services provided by the Antalya attorney of contract law are important for the relevant parties to act in the most accurate road map in terms of law. If the assistance of a lawyer is applied for the contract to be issued, it is ensured that the text of the contract is prepared and the rights and interests of the party represented are secured by legal investments.

Seeking help from a competent, experienced and expert contract lawyer will be the most accurate and healthy approach in order to prevent possible grievances and loss of rights in contract law works that require advanced legal knowledge and experience, and to seek the right by legal means and methods. Otherwise, irreparable legal losses are highly likely.

Who is a Contract Lawyer, What Do They Do?

A contract lawyer provides legal advice and litigation follow-up services such as conclusion of verbal, written and formal contracts between the natural or legal persons; arrangement of a formed contract; resolution of contractual disputes. Since contract law is a comprehensive and voluminous discipline, the contract lawyer must also be experienced in other disciplines of law.

Antalya contract lawyer, who started to serve with the preparation and arrangement of the contract text, continues to serve during the follow-up of the implementation of the contract terms signed in the past or prepared by the lawyer and the resolution of the disputes through litigation. As a result, it protects the rights and interests of its clients.

The contract law lawyer, who performs the services of arranging a written agreement within the limits stipulated by the legal order, guaranteeing the rights of the contracting parties and following the legal process regarding the situations contrary to the signed contract conditions, provides legal support in the process of legal consultancy and litigation in the following matters:

→      Lease agreement cases,

→      Employment contract cases,

→      Copyright contract cases,

→      Architectural contract cases,

→      Financial leasing agreement cases,

→      Commercial goods purchase and sale contract cases,

→      Insurance contract cases,

→      Partnership agreement cases,

→      Service contract cases,

→      Real estate contract cases,

→      Credit agreement cases,

→      License agreement cases,

→      Share transfer agreement cases,

→      Real estate development and management contracts,

→      Contracts between partners,

→      Credit and insurance contracts,

→      Affiliate partner contracts,

→      Construction contracts,

→      Project finance contracts,

→      Film distribution contracts,

→      Employment contracts,

→      Share transfer agreements,

→      ERP software contracts,

→      Management consultancy and service contracts,

→      Purchase and sale contracts,

→      Lease agreements,

→      Cloud contracts,

→      Joint ventures contracts,

→      Merchandising contracts,

→      License agreements,

→      Franchise agreements,

→      Copyright agreements,

→      Design contracts,

→      Trademark registration applications,

→      Agency agreements.

→      Co – Production contracts.

International Contract Lawyer in Legal Affairs with Foreign Elements

In today’s world, where the number of national and international businesses, brands, firms and companies is increasing, the importance of expert lawyers with acquis in contract law cannot be denied. The arrangement of contracts, which play a very important role in all legal, social and business relations, the resolution of disputes arising from the contracts and the follow-up of the cases are carried out by the contract law lawyer.

As a contract lawyer in Antalya, Ahmet Alkan Law Office provides legal consultancy & representation services not only for Turkish citizens residing in Turkey, but also for Turkish citizens and foreign nationals residing abroad thanks to its mastery of the international legal order and legislation.

Antalya contract lawyer, which provides legal support to national and international real and legal entities, helps the parties to have the most ideal contract arrangement in terms of their rights, interests and receivables by foreseeing the possible disputes that may occur in the future due to the contract. It provides effective legal aid provided that it observes the balance of rights and interests.

Contract law attorneys working under Alkan Law Office have experience, expertise and competence regarding contracts that contain an element of foreignness or international nature in terms of their nature or parties. Within this framework, it closely follows international regulations, conjuncture, financial developments and legislation.

The contract law lawyer, who actively and dynamically serves for the resolution of disputes arising from contracts within the legal order, offers legal assistance with effective and sustainable results by closely following the international conjuncture and legislation. It provides the most accurate legal assistance in order to prevent loss of rights, interests, material and time in national and international legal affairs.

Ahmet Alkan Law Office Antalya Contract Lawyer Services

Antalya contract lawyer aims to create contract texts that are in accordance with the legislation and legal regulations, easy to follow and implement, require less effort in terms of dispute resolution and contain clarity. As Antalya contract lawyers, Alkan Law Office lawyers who provide legal representation & consultancy services in all legal business, transactions, disputes and litigation that fall within the examination area of contract law;

🗹Architectural contract cases,

🗹Copyright contract cases,

🗹Partnership agreement cases,

🗹Consultancy contract cases,

🗹Service contract cases,

🗹Real estate contract cases,

🗹Financial leasing agreement cases,

🗹Purchase and sale contract cases,

🗹Lease agreement cases,

🗹Insurance contract cases,

🗹License agreement cases,

🗹Share transfer agreement cases,

🗹Credit agreement cases,

🗹 Employment contract cases,

🗹Contract cases between partners,

🗹Purchase and sale contract cases,

🗹Project finance contracts,

🗹Property development contracts,

🗹 Construction contracts,

🗹Architectural contracts,

🗹Dealership agreements,

🗹Management consultancy & service contracts,

🗹 Property management contracts,

🗹Lease agreements,

🗹Consultancy contracts,

🗹Agency contracts,

🗹Share transfer agreements,

🗹Contracts between partners,

🗹Copyright agreements,

🗹Purchase and sale contracts,

🗹 Employment contracts,

🗹Service contracts,

🗹License agreements,

🗹Insurance contracts,

🗹Joint ventures contracts,

🗹Contracts and declarations regarding the transfer of intellectual property rights,

🗹Contracts for the transfer of software copyrights,

🗹Credit agreements,

🗹ERP software contracts,

🗹Software license, solution partnership and maintenance & support contracts,

🗹Affiliate partnership agreements,

🗹Cooperation contracts related to software development,

🗹Publication and publication contracts to be signed with writers, artists, screenwriters, directors and translators,

🗹Publication and written media contracts,

🗹Software consultancy and training service contracts,

🗹 Copyright agreements related to the financial and moral rights of performing artists,

🗹Film distribution contracts,

🗹Cloud contracts

🗹Representative & manager contracts,

🗹Copyright agreements,

🗹Co-production contracts,

🗹Design contracts

🗹Merchandising contracts,

🗹Trademark registration applications,

🗹All legal business, transaction and trademark license agreements with TPE,

Performs legal consultancy & representation services in business and cases.

Antalya contract lawyer performs legal representation & consultancy services in legal business, transaction, dispute and litigation that fall within the regulation area of contract law.

Antalya Contract Lawyer Contact Information

Antalya contract lawyer, using the knowledge and experience in the law of contracts, serves to observe the balance of rights and interests of the client and to prevent time and financial losses. In order to avoid a possible loss in the future, applying for the help of a successful contract lawyer will be the healthiest approach.

Antalya Contract Lawyer Contact Information
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Contract Lawyer Fees

Contract attorney fees are determined freely between the attorney and the person applying for attorney assistance. However, the Attorneyship Minimum Wage Tariff, which is regulated by the Union of Bar Associations of Turkey and published in the Official Newspaper, constitutes a limit to the freedom to determine wages. In other words, the attorney’s fee is freely agreed between the lawyer and the client, provided that it is not less than the fee stipulated in the said tariff.

How are Antalya Contract Lawyer Fees Determined?

When determining the fees of the Antalya contract lawyer, as we have stated above, the minimum wage tariff is taken as the basis. The attorney’s fee, provided that it is not less than the fee specified in this tariff, is determined by evaluating various criteria, especially the workload that the concrete work will bring to the lawyer. Another factor that affects the fee is the success and expertise of the lawyer.

When are Antalya Contract Lawyer Fees Paid?

When the Antalya contract lawyer fee will be paid is a matter of curiosity for people who want to get help from the contract lawyer. When the attorney’s fee agreed between the lawyer and the client will be paid can also be freely determined between the lawyer and the client. In summary, the timing of when the attorney’s fee is paid is at the discretion of the attorney unless otherwise provided by law.

How Long Do Contractual Litigations Last?

There are a large number of contracts and types that fall within the regulatory area of contract law. In this respect, how long the cases arising from the contracts will last depends on the type of contract on which the dispute subject to the lawsuit is based. Therefore, it would not be accurate to give information about the duration of the case without examining the specific file in particular.

Is it Mandatory to Hire a Contract Lawyer?

In the settlement of disputes arising from contracts through litigation, a lawsuit may well be filed without the assistance of a lawyer specialized in contract law and the lawsuit can be followed. However, in such cases requiring legal technique and knowledge, it would be the best approach to get help from a competent lawyer in order to avoid loss of rights, benefits, material and time.

How to Find the Best Contract Lawyer in Antalya?

There is no legal branching in the legal profession, nor is there an examination, interview or other in which lawyers are rated as “the best” in terms of professional achievement. Therefore, it is not possible to make a statement like the best contract lawyer in Antalya. However, it is possible to state that the lawyer who defends the rights and interests of the client in the best way is a successful and good contract lawyer.

How Does Antalya Contract Lawyer Provide Service?

Alkan Law Office provides a wide range of legal services for its clients such as preparation, arrangement, examination, risk analysis, execution of the negotiation process between the parties, securing, enforcement, monitoring of its implementation, changing and renewing the terms of the contract, extending the duration of the contract, termination of the contract and resolution of contractual disputes.

ALKAN Law Office, which responds to the need for a contract lawyer in Antalya with its lawyers serving under the law office, makes the most ideal arrangements in order to prevent any disputes in the future and to guarantee the rights and obligations of the parties in accordance with the purpose and the situation of the parties.

It is important that the contracts are prepared by an experienced and expert lawyer in order to prevent the loss of rights and interests of the contract parties. Therefore, when choosing a contract lawyer for a business related to contract law, it is very important to be careful to avoid any victimization in the future. The main characteristics that should be present in a successful contract lawyer are:

→      Competence in terms of legal equipment and acquis,

→      To have gained experience with exemplary work and lawsuits,

→      To be able to take effective and ideal steps for the solution of all kinds of business of the client, arising from the law of contracts,

→      To have empathy and communication skills,

→      Mastery of the national and international legal and financial conjuncture,

→      To be able to determine legally strong strategies,

→      To be aware of their duties and responsibilities,

→      In accordance with the existing contract, to be able to develop the most ideal roadmap and effective solutions.

The Importance of Working with a Contract Lawyer

Contracts are usually named according to the nature of the work subject to the contract. Before the conclusion of the contract, the nature of the relationship between the contracting parties must be accurately determined; The conditions to be signed with the contract should be negotiated between the parties and all the details should be studied in order to avoid possible future disputes.

In the process we have explained regarding the arrangement of the contract, it would be appropriate to benefit from the legal consultancy called preventive legal service in order to prevent loss of rights and interests. In this respect, it will be very useful for the parties to get support from a lawyer experienced in contract law before and during the arrangement of the contract and during the negotiation phase.

People who need a lawyer who specializes in contract law should seek help from a lawyer who is an expert and experienced not only in contract law but also in other sub-branches of law. Attorney Ahmet ALKAN and ALKAN Law Office lawyers are experienced and competent lawyers in the field who respond to the need for a contract lawyer in Antalya.

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