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Antalya Heavy Penal Lawyer

Antalya heavy penal lawyer is a lawyer who has experience, expertise and competence in legal business, process, dispute and litigation that fall within the field of examination and regulation of heavy penal law. Antalya heavy criminal lawyer, who provides legal assistance in serious criminal cases, makes a comprehensive, multifaceted and attentive work in order to prevent the clients from losing rights, benefits, material and time.

In our law, there are no definitions that declare professional titles such as “Heavy Penal Lawyer”, “Divorce Lawyer”, and “Enforcement Lawyer”. However, since lawyers who specialize, gain experience and serve in any discipline of law, such as heavy penal law, are colloquially referred to as “heavy penal lawyers”, we will also use this expression.

Who is a Serious Criminal Lawyer, What Do They Do?

A heavy penal lawyer, has successfully completed his/her law undergraduate education and legal internship and has been entitled to practice the profession of lawyer; He/she is a lawyer who has increased his/her competence in this field by working on heavy criminal law, gained experience by working as a defender in serious criminal cases and concentrated on heavy penal law in terms of professional development.

The main purpose of the heavy penal procedure is to reach the truth by investigating the material truth within the limits stipulated by the legal order. A lawyer who acts as a “defense” authority in the process of reaching the truth and who serves on the condition that he/she considers the legal benefit and interest of the party he/she defends is called a serious criminal lawyer.

Ahmet Alkan Law Office Antalya Heavy Penal Lawyer Services

In a heavy penal trial, provided that the law of the person/people who are parties to the heavy penal proceedings is protected, the material truth is reached by investigating the concrete case. In the process of reaching the material truth, it is ensured that the parties to the heavy criminal case are not subjected to unlawful treatment, that their rights and interests are not violated and that they are effectively defended by means of a heavy penal lawyer.

Employees who work on behalf of the person(s) to whom legal aid is provided to suffer losses in terms of rights, benefits, material and time; Ahmet Alkan Law Office heavy penal lawyers, who serve by making a meticulous, comprehensive and multifaceted study on the concrete file, serve as heavy penal lawyers to their national and international clients, especially in Antalya. The main offences for which services are provided are:

  • Intentional Manslaughter | Article 81, 82 of the Turkish Penal Code
  • Consequential Aggravated Injury | Article 87/4 of the Turkish Penal Code
  • Looting (Extortion) | Article 148, 149 of the Turkish Penal Code
  • Causing Death by Installment | Article 85/2 of the Turkish Penal Code
  • Embezzlement | Article 247 of the Turkish Penal Code
  • Official Document Forgery | Article 204/2 of the Turkish Penal Code
  • Qualified Fraud | Article 158 of the Turkish Penal Code
  • Bribery of a public official | Article 250/1 – 2 of the Turkish Penal Code
  • Bribery | Article 252 of the Turkish Penal Code
  • Fraudulent Bankruptcy | Article 161 of the Turkish Penal Code
  • Crimes Against National Defense
  • Crimes Against the Constitutional Order and Its Functioning
  • Crimes Against the Signs of the Sovereignty of the State and the Dignity of Its Organs
  • Crimes Against State Secrets and Espionage
  • Crimes within the scope of the Anti-Terror Law No. 3713 such as the crime of making propaganda, the crime of membership of an organization, etc.
  • Offences Requiring Aggravated Life Imprisonment
  • Offences punishable by life imprisonment
  • Offences punishable by more than ten years’ imprisonment

Antalya Heavy Penal Lawyer

Antalya Heavy Penal Lawyer Contact Information

The Antalya heavy penal lawyer provides legal assistance in the investigation and prosecution of the crimes mentioned in the previous heading. Since extremely heavy penal  sanctions are foreseen for the crimes examined and decided by the heavy penal courts, it will be very useful to receive legal support from a heavy penal lawyer who has experience and competence in the trials related to the aforementioned crimes.

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Felony Criminal Lawyer Fees

Certain factors are taken into consideration when determining Antalya heavy criminal/penal lawyer fees. The main factors affecting the fees of the heavy penal lawyer are: the competence, expertise, experience, success of the lawyer, the workload that the concrete file will impose on the lawyer, the stage of the file (investigation, prosecution, etc.). These factors differ in each concrete file. In this regard, there is no stability in attorneys’ fees.

A person who applies for the assistance of a heavy penal lawyer and a heavy penal lawyer’s help may freely agree on the fee, provided that it is not less than the amount determined in the Attorney Minimum Wage Schedule issued annually by the UTBA and published on the Official Newspaper. Let us state once again that the fee to be requested by the heavy penal lawyer will vary according to the effort of the lawyer and his/her expertise in his / her job.

Cases in heavy penal courts are very difficult and complex cases due to their place and nature in the legal system. On the other hand, they are extremely important cases in terms of the decision to be made as a result of the case. Therefore, it is in the interest of the person who will apply for the help of a lawyer to obtain legal assistance from a lawyer who is experienced and successful in serious criminal cases.

The fee to be paid for the Antalya heavy penal lawyer is determined by taking into account the factors mentioned above and the attorney fee schedules. It is worth noting that in order to be represented in the best way in heavy penal cases with extremely severe consequences, it would be best to get help from a successful, experienced and expert heavy penal lawyer.

How are Antalya Heavy Penal Lawyer Fees Determined?

When determining the fees of the Antalya heavy penal lawyer, various factors are taken into account by the heavy penal lawyer. However, the main factors that are effective in determining the attorney’s fee are: the lawyer’s expertise, experience, professional success, the effort and time to be expended, the complexity and difficulty of the concrete file. The attorney’s fee to be determined by taking into account the listed factors shall be determined not less than the minimum wage schedule.

When are Antalya Heavy Penal Lawyer Fees Paid?

When the Antalya heavy penal lawyer fee will be paid can be freely determined between the Antalya heavy penal lawyer and the person applying for the assistance of the heavy penal lawyer. The parties may agree between themselves on the date for the payment of attorneys’ fees. Therefore, it would be healthier to contact the heavy penal lawyer for the clearest information about the date on which the fee will be paid.

How Much Does Heavy Penal Cases Cost?

The cost of heavy penal cases is determined by the relevant provisions of the Fees Law No. 492 in force. In the said Law, the court costs to be paid for heavy penal cases are determined. In the case of heavy penal cases, there are no costs until the conclusion of the case. At the end of the case, the trial expenses are collected from the person sentenced to the penalty in accordance with the Law No. 6183.

How Long Do Heavy Penal Cases Last?

The duration of heavy penal cases varies according to the content and scope of the file. However, the main factors affecting the duration of the trial are: the number of the accused, the complainant and the witnesses, whether there will be discovery activities at the crime scene, the variety and number of evidence to be collected, whether the expert report will be used, etc.

In terms of heavy penal cases, there is an average trial period of 2 years. However, due to the factors we have mentioned, it is also possible that the duration of the case may increase. The 2-year trial period is the approximate time it takes for heavy penal cases to be decided in the court of first instance. The specifics and circumstances of the concrete case may lead to an increase or decrease in the 2-year period.

Is it Mandatory to Hire a Serious Criminal Lawyer?

Our law has determined the scope of compulsory advocacy by law. Accordingly; Suspects, defendants or complainants who are too disabled, deaf or mute to defend themselves, minors and suspects or defendants charged with an offence punishable by more than 5 years’ imprisonment must be defended by a lawyer in a criminal proceeding.

People who do not have sufficient economic power to hire a heavy penal lawyer may request a lawyer from the relevant bar association. The Bar Association shall appoint lawyers for the persons concerned. The above-mentioned people are required to hire a lawyer in the criminal proceedings and if they do not have sufficient financial power to hire a lawyer, it is possible to request a heavy penal lawyer.

How to Find the Best Serious Criminal Lawyer in Antalya?

There is no such classification as “best” among lawyers. On the other hand, it is not correct from the point of view of professional ethics to make such a characterization or for the lawyer to label herself/himself the “best” lawyer. We can express every lawyer who knows the responsibilities of the legal profession, attaches importance to professional development, and constantly increases his/her legal knowledge and experience as a “good” and “successful” lawyer.

In Which Courts Does Antalya Heavy Penal Lawyer Serve?

Antalya heavy penal lawyer can act as a lawyer in every case as a rule. However, they mostly take part in cases heard in heavy criminal courts. Although all courts in Turkey are qualified to practice the profession of lawyer, the main courts in which Antalya heavy criminal lawyer works and serves are as follows:

  • Antalya Heavy Penal Courts,
  • Antalya Criminal Courts of First Instance,
  • Antalya Juvenile Criminal Courts,
  • Antalya Enforcement Criminal Courts,
  • Antalya Criminal Court of Peace,
  • District Magistrate Court (Appeal),
  • Court of Cassation (Appeal).

How Does Antalya Heavy Penal Lawyer Serve?

The Antalya heavy penal lawyer first carefully examines the concrete file; makes a thorough and deep analysis. Based on the information she/he obtains about the concrete file, determines the healthiest road map in legal terms. In order to prevent the person/people she/he defends from losing rights, benefits, material and time; and carries out a comprehensive, deep and multifaceted work from the essential elements of the concrete file to the detailed facts.

In heavy penal cases, the expert lawyer follows the criminal procedure process meticulously and carries it out meticulously, taking into account each piece of evidence suitable for obtaining a positive decision as a result of the case, based on the information obtained as a result of his/her work on the file entrusted to him/her. In this context, she/he tries to achieve a positive result by considering the balance of rights and interests of the person/people to whom they provide legal support.

The Importance of Working with a Heavy penal Lawyer

As a result of heavy penal cases, extremely severe sanctions such as aggravated life imprisonment are prescribed. In this respect, the heavy penal case should be followed carefully and there should be no room for erroneous or negligent transactions in the process. A heavy penal lawyer is a lawyer who is consulted and assisted in order to follow the process carefully and to prevent loss of rights due to erroneous and negligent transactions.

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