Insurance And Compensation Law

As an Antalya Insurance and Compensation Lawyer

As an Antalya Insurance and Compensation Lawyer, some of the subjects and cases which we are experts in Insurance and Compensation Law;

  • -As an Antalya insurance lawyer, cases arising from insurance contracts,
  • -As a traffic accident lawyer in Antalya, financial compensation and spiritual damage cases due to traffic accidents,
  • -As a work accident lawyer in Antalya, compensation cases due to temporary and permanent disabilities arising from work accidents,
  • -Compensation cases for lack of support for deaths caused by traffic accidents,
  • -Litigation for pecuniary and non-pecuniary damages arising from tortious acts,
  • -Compensation cases arising from medical mistakes by health workers,
  • -Compensation cases arising from incorrect product,
  • -Compensation cases arising from the service fault of the government,
  • -Compensation cases arising from workplace accidents,
  • -Compensation cases arising from other tortious acts,
  • -Legal assistance regarding the liability of insurance companies in traffic accidents with material damage,
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