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Antalya Attorney of Foreigners Law 

Antalya Attorney of Foreigners Law, is a lawyer who has expertise and experience in the field of examination and regulation of foreigners law. Antalya Attorney of Foreigners Law, who has competence in foreigners law, international law, immigration and refugee law, provides legal consultancy and case follow-up services for the clients.

Who is an Attorney of Foreigners Law, What Do They Do?

Attorney of Foreigners Law, provides legal assistance by providing conciliation, mediation, arbitration, dispute resolution, legal advice and litigation representation, in legal business, transactions, disputes and cases of real persons of foreign nationality and legal entities of foreign origin. The area of work, duties and services of the attorney of foreigners law is quite voluminous.

An attorney of foreigners’ law is a lawyer who is familiar with the legislation related to foreigners, especially the Law on Foreigners and International Protection No. 6458 in force, and who is an expert in related branches of law. By using their mastery and expertise in the legislation related to foreigners and related law branches, they provide legal consultancy & representation services for the clients.

Antalya International Law Attorney

International law or interstate law is a branch of public law shaped by international relations. International law, which mainly deals with international relations, examines and regulates the legal scope of international relations as a scientific discipline. A lawyer who specializes in the field of law in question and provides assistance in legal affairs arising from this field is called an international law attorney.

International law is also called interstate law in doctrine. However, with the inclusion of new actors in international relations, this branch has ceased to be only interstate. Antalya international law attorney who has expertise in international law, also has expertise in related fields such as contract law, maritime law, international criminal law and international private law.

Ahmet Alkan Law Office Antalya Foreigners Lawyer Services

ALKAN Law & Consultancy provides legal consultancy and representation services for real persons of foreign nationality and legal entities of international origin with its team of lawyers who speak English, German, Russian and Arabic. The main legal services performed by the Antalya foreigners’ lawyer operating under the roof of Ahmet Alkan Law Office are as follows:

  • Making an application on the most accurate way on behalf of the relevant person among the ways of gaining Turkish citizenship and following the process,
  • Acquisition of Turkish citizenship on the basis of place of birth,
  • Subsequent acquisition of Turkish citizenship,
  • Acquisition of Turkish citizenship through adoption,
  • TRNC citizens to acquire Turkish citizenship,
  • Acquisition of Turkish citizenship with the right to vote
  • Exceptionally acquiring Turkish citizenship
  • Acquisition of Turkish citizenship as an immigrant
  • Regaining Turkish citizenship without requiring residence
  • Regaining Turkish citizenship depending on the condition of residence
  • Acquisition of Turkish citizenship through marriage
  • Foreigners establishing a company, investing, acquiring property in Turkey,
  • Recognition and enforcement of foreign court decisions in Turkey,
  • Counseling for foreign natural persons (Stateless, refugees and conditional refugees, migrants, persons with more than one nationality and minorities),
  • Follow-up of business and transactions related to the right to work within the framework of the basic domestic law regulations regarding the right of foreigners to work in Turkey,
  • Work permit applications made from abroad,
  • Work permit applications made domestically,
  • Work permit extension applications,
  • Application for a temporary work permit and extension of the permit,
  • Indefinite work permit,
  • Applications for long-term residence permits in accordance with Law numbered 6458,
  • Independent work permit,
  • Exceptional work permits,
  • Those who are married to a Turkish citizen,
  • Foreigners who are considered to have settled,
  • Children of foreigners who are considered to have settled,
  • Those who have lost their Turkish citizenship,
  • Those who have come to Turkey before reaching the age of majority and completed their education in Turkey,
  • Those who are within the scope of the Settlement Law No. 2510,
  • Citizens of European Union member states and their spouses and children,
  • Those assigned to Embassies, Consulates and representative offices of international organizations in Turkey and their spouses and children,
  • Those who come for short periods of time for scientific, cultural and sports purposes,
  • Foreigners who are key personnel,
  • Those who have applied for international protection and have been granted conditional refugee status by the Ministry of Interior,
  • Foreign teachers in schools operating within the embassy or consulate in Turkey, those assigned to cultural institutions and foreigners who will work in religious institutions,
  • Limitation of work permit,
  • Refusal of work permit,
  • Expiration of the work permit,
  • Cancellation of work permit,
  • Loss of validity of the work permit,
  • Those who have lost their Turkish citizenship by obtaining an exit permit,
  • Foreigners to be employed by other Ministries and public institutions and organizations,
  • Foreigners who are exempted from work permit by taking into account the principle of reciprocity, international law and European Union Law,
  • Restrictions imposed on foreigners on the grounds of public security,
  • Restrictions imposed on foreigners on public health grounds,
  • Restrictions imposed on foreigners on grounds of public order,
  • Restrictions imposed on foreigners on the grounds of public interest,
  • Foreigners working without obtaining a work permit or complying with work prohibitions.

ALKAN Law Office provides effective, dynamic, strategic and solution-oriented services with its foreign law attorneys who are fluent in English, German, Russian and Arabic languages in order to prevent foreign national real persons and international legal entities from facing ill-treatment due to language differences in Turkey. In this context, by developing a healthy communication through the client’s mother tongue, it prevents the loss of rights and interests.

Antalya Attorney of Foreigners Law, who has competence in foreigners law, international law, immigration and refugee law, provides legal consultancy and case follow-up services for the clients.

Antalya Attorney of Foreigners Law Contact Information

The main business issues carried out by the Antalya attorney of foreign law are listed above. As can be seen, there is a very comprehensive and voluminous service area. Getting legal assistance from a lawyer who is experienced in these areas and competent in foreigners law will be a healthy approach to prevent loss of rights and benefits. Antalya attorney of foreigners law contact information;

Antalya Attorney of Foreigners Law Information
Phone +90 242 242 1 242
WhatsApp +90 532 262 42 42
E – Mail
Address Emek Mahallesi Yeşilırmak Caddesi Aksu Plaza 5/4 Kepez/ANTALYA

Foreigners Law Attorney Fees

Foreigners law attorney fees are freely agreed between the attorney and the person applying for the help of a lawyer. There are many factors that influence the determination of the fee. However, the scope and nature of the work subject to legal aid is the most important factor in determining the wage. In addition, the expertise and experience of the lawyer also has a direct impact on attorney fees.

How are Antalya Attorney of Foreigners Law Fees Determined?

When determining the fees of the Antalya Foreigners’ Lawyer, many issues that constitute the basis of the fee can be mentioned. However, it should be especially noted that it is not possible to decide on an attorney’s fee less than the fee specified in the Attorneyship Minimum Wage Schedule issued by the Union of Bar Associations of Turkey and published in the Official Newspaper.

Another source that can be used to get an idea about the fee of the Antalya Foreigners’ lawyer is the “advice” lawyer fee schedule determined by the Antalya Bar Association. However, it appears that the lawyer has no obligation to be bound by the fee specified in the said tariff. Therefore, depending on the nature of the concrete work, a fee of more or less than the recommended tariff may be decided.

When are Antalya Foreigners Lawyer Fees Paid?

The attorney’s fee, which will be determined according to a number of factors such as the scope of the work subject to the lawyer’s legal assistance, the workload it will bring to the lawyer, how long the process will take and the variety of work to be done, may be paid on a date agreed between the lawyer and the person applying for the help of a lawyer. This date can be before or after the work in question.

How Much Does Foreigners Law Cases Cost?

The legal affairs evaluated under the title of foreigners’ law are very diverse and numerous. In this respect, different costs arise according to the type of dispute that is the subject of the assistance of a lawyer. What is meant by expenses is the fees and expenses to be paid for the court and its administrative authority. Fees and expense items correspond to different fees from case to case and according to administrative applications.

To give concrete examples for 2023 about how much expenses will be involved in business and lawsuits related to foreigners law; In cases such as rejection of citizenship application, rejection of residence and work permit application, deport cancellation, etc., application fee, decision fee, proxy fee, proxy stamp, postage costs and suspension of execution fee will be paid. The amounts of the fees mentioned are;

  •     80,70 TL for the application fee,
  •     80,70 TL for the decision fee,
  •     11,50 TL for proxy fee,
  •     18,15 TL for proxy stamp,
  •     588,00 TL for postage costs,
  •     For the fee for stopping the execution, it is 133,00 TL.

Based on the fees listed, it is possible to talk about approximately 1000 – 2000 TL expenses for administrative applications such as citizenship, residence, work permit, etc. in Antalya. In addition, in the transactions of foreigners establishing a company in Turkey, there will be an amount of approximately 6500 – 7500 TL. In particular, it should be noted that the costs we have mentioned do not include attorneys’ fees. The attorney’s fee is calculated separately.

How Long Do Foreigners’ Law Cases Last?

A clear timetable cannot be given as there is no time limit on the cases of foreigners’ law. Because there are different conditions and characteristics in each concrete case, the duration of the case also varies. However, if we need to give information about the approximate times of the works that are frequently encountered in practice;

  • 6 months – 1 year for obtaining Turkish citizenship,
  • 1 – 3 months for obtaining a work permit,
  • 1 – 3 months for obtaining a residence permit,
  •  2 months for the abolition of the foreign restriction code – 1 year,
  •  4 – 6 months for the case of cancellation of the deportation decision,
  •  1 – 4 months for foreigners to establish a company, branch, representative office in Turkey,
  •  For the cases to be filed against the rejection of citizenship, residence etc. permits, there is a period between 6 months and 1 year.

Is it Mandatory to Hire an Foreigners Law Lawyer?

It is not necessarily mandatory to hire a lawyer for business, transaction, dispute resolution and case follow-up evaluated within the framework of foreigners law. However, getting help from a lawyer experienced in foreigners’ law will be extremely useful for the effective and fast follow-up of the process. Otherwise, it is likely that there will be loss of rights, interests, time and material property due to faulty or negligent transactions.

How to Find the Best Foreigners Law Lawyer in Antalya?

Foreigners who need a successful lawyer due to their current legal work are looking for an answer to the question of how to find the best attorney of foreigners’ law in Antalya. In fact, it is not correct for a lawyer to make definitions such as “the best” and “the most successful” for themselves in terms of lawyer professional ethics. Seeking legal assistance from an expert, experienced and successful lawyer will be helpful in responding to the legal support needed.

In Which Courts Does Antalya Foreigners’ Lawyer Serve?

We have stated that the law of foreigners is a comprehensive, voluminous and relevant field associated with the legal disciplines. From this point of view, we can state that the affairs of foreigners’ law are carried out through different judicial and administrative authorities. Therefore, Antalya Foreigners’ Lawyer also provides services in various judicial and administrative authorities. The main authorities and authorities in charge of the main works are as follows:

  • Antalya Population Directorate for Turkish citizenship
  • Antalya Provincial Migration Management for work permit, residence permit, etc. applications,
  • Antalya administrative courts for deportation cancellation case,
  • Administrative courts of Antalya for the annulment case against the rejection of applications for Turkish citizenship, work permit, residence permit, etc.,
  • For recognition and enforcement, Antalya family courts, labor courts, small claims courts according to their subject.

How Does Antalya Foreigners Law Lawyer Serve?

Antalya Attorney of Foreigners Law, provides legal consultancy & representation services in all legal business, transactions, disputes and cases that fall within the field of examination and regulation of foreigners and international law. Within this framework, it provides work in all kinds of legal affairs related to foreigners by considering the interests of the clients. Antalya Foreigners Law Lawyer;

Antalya Foreigners Law Attorney provides legal assistance for applications such as Turkish citizenship, work permit, residence permit of the foreign national. Within this framework, it primarily evaluates the current legal situation of the foreigner. Following its evaluation, it determines the most efficient legal roadmap and follows the process from beginning to end.

The Importance of Working with a Foreigners Law Attorney

It is very important to apply for the help of a lawyer in the affairs within the scope of the law of foreigners and related legislation not to lose rights and interests due to the aforementioned works requires advanced legal technique and experience. Otherwise, it is highly likely that irreparable loss of rights, benefits, material and time will be experienced due to faulty or negligent transactions.

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