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Antalya inheritance lawyer performs legal consultancy & attorneyship services in legal business, transactions, disputes and cases that fall within the field of examination and regulation of inheritance law. Although inheritance law is a sub-discipline with a private law character, it is closely related to the sub-branches of both private and public law. The basic legal regulations of this branch of law are stipulated in the Turkish Civil Code in force numbered 4721.

Who is an Inheritance Lawyer, What Do They Do?

The inheritance lawyer concentrated on inheritance law in civil law; is a lawyer who has increased their legal experience and experience by working in this field and providing legal services. In particular, the inheritance lawyer, who works on inheritance law disputes and cases, protects the clients from loss of rights by using the knowledge and experience they have  acquired.

International Heritage Lawyer in Legal Affairs with Foreign Element

Ahmet ALKAN Law Office; performs legal services within the framework of the legislation of the country in force and the provisions of international law, which regulate inheritance law in legal business and transactions where at least one of the parties is a foreigner or involves an element of foreignness. ALKAN Law & Consultancy, which prioritizes communication in the mother tongue in the resolution of disputes in which one or both parties are foreign;

  • With a staff of lawyers with advanced speaking skills in ENGLISH, GERMAN, RUSSIAN and ARABIC,
  • Apart from the aforementioned languages, with the help of clients  and professional translators,

establishes an effective, dynamic, healthy and sustainable relationship.

Ahmet Alkan Law Office Antalya Heritage Lawyer Services

ALKAN Law & Consultancy, which carries out services in a sensitive, solution-oriented, versatile and comprehensive manner in order to ensure that the real and/or legal persons it defends and/or provides consultancy to in labor law cases that are examined and decided all over Turkey and abroad, based in Antalya, do not experience any loss in terms of legal, material and time or minimize the damages of possible large losses;

  • Legal consultancy and litigation follow-up service within the framework of inheritance law regulations and provisions,
  • Drawing up a will,
  • Contract for the appointment of heirs, arrangement of a contract to care for until death,
  • Inheritance and transfer business and transaction follow-up,
  • Follow-up of cases of cancellation of disposition due to abduction of property from inheritance,
  • Follow-up of the cases of dissolution of partnership,
  • Follow-up of  unfair occupation compensation cases,
  • Follow-up of the lawsuits carried out with the request for the partition of the land,
  • Fulfillment of the works and procedures of establishing a foundation by specifying inheritance and litigation follow-up,
  • Request for declaration of succession, business and procedures for the cancellation of the declaration of succession,
  • Determination of the land and follow-up of the cases of book issuance,
  • Resolution of disputes arising due to the inheritance contract, follow-up of the cases arising within this framework,
  • Follow-up of inheritance equalization cases,
  • Follow-up of fortification cases due to inheritance,
  • Settlement of disputes between the inheritor and the heirs due to the inheritance,
  • Legal support for heirs whose rights have been impaired due to death-related savings,
  • Legal support for heirs whose rights have been damaged due to savings between the right,
  • Disinheritance proceedings,
  • Settlement of disputes between legal and voluntary heirs,
  • Necessary work and transaction follow-up on the request for inheritance certificate,
  • Necessary work and process follow-up for the rejection of inheritance,
  • Legal advice on inheritance in case of succession,
  • Conversion of cooperative property into shared ownership,
  • Arrangement of an inheritance sharing agreement,
  • Assignment of inheritance share business and transactions,
  • Follow-up of lawsuits filed with the request for protection of the reserved share,
  • Follow-up of the lawsuits filed with the request for the execution of the will and the cancellation of the will,
  • Opening and follow-up of inheritance restitution cases,
  • Preparation of partition contracts in accordance with the law,
  • To draw up a contract for the appointment of heirs,
  • Filing and following up the case of the estate involving the determination of the assets of the person who left the inheritance,
  • Preparation of inheritance waiver agreements in accordance with the law.

Antalya inheritance lawyer performs legal consultancy & attorneyship services in legal business, transactions, disputes and cases that fall within the field of examination and regulation of inheritance law.

Antalya Heritage Lawyer Contact Information

Antalya Heritage Lawyer Contact Information
Phone +90 242 242 1 242
WhatsApp +90 532 262 42 42
E – Mail
Address Emek Mahallesi Yeşilırmak Caddesi Aksu Plaza 5/4 Kepez/ANTALYA

Inheritance Lawyer Fees

Inheritance lawyer fees are determined by the attorney’s fee regulated in Article 164 of the Attorneyship Law No. 1136 in force. The attorney’s fee shall be freely agreed between the lawyer and the relevant person, provided that it is not less than the amount stipulated in the Attorney Minimum Wage Schedule. The inheritance lawyer fees foreseen for 2023 in the Attorney Minimum Wage Schedule are as follows:

The case for dissolution of partnership At least 8.900,00 TL
Elimination of partnership At least 8.900,00 TL
Cases examined in the Civil Courts of First Instance At least 9.200,00 TL
Cases examined in the Magistrates’ Courts At least 5.500,00 TL

In addition to the Attorneyship Minimum Wage Tariff, there is a second tariff determined and published by each provincial bar association. This tariff, published by provincial bar associations, has the nature of a recommendation and can be examined as an idea. Within the framework of the 2023 Attorney Fee Schedule published by the Antalya Bar Association, inheritance lawyer fees are listed in the table below.

Antalya Bar Association Minimum Wage Schedule Between Lawyer and Client
Oral consultation in the office, except for cases and proceedings (up to the first hour) The first 15 minutes are TRY 875.00 (TRY3,750 for each subsequent hour)
Consultation via voice and video communication TRY 937.50  (TRY 3.000,00 for each subsequent hour)
Written consultation TRY 11,250.00
Oral consultation at the place of call delivery, except for lawsuits and proceedings Consultation in the office fee + 50%
Except for lawsuits and proceedings, all kinds of petition writing, notices, warnings, protests TRY 10,000.00
Case and reply petition TRY 12,500.00
Appeal, Petition for Correction of Decision TRY 16,250.00
Pursuit of work in government offices without being related to a specific case TRY 20,000.00
Representation of parties in mediation TRY 11.250,00 + 10% of the agreed price if the agreement is concluded
Unfair Occupation Compensation Cases TRY 47,500 + 10% of the case value
Will-Revocation Cases TRY 40,000 + 10% of the case value
Inheritance Cases TRY 47,500 + 10% of the case value
Title Deed Cancellation and Registration Cases TRY 56.500 + 10% of the value of the case
Obtaining a Certificate of Inheritance TRY 10,781.00
Cancellation of Certificate of Inheritance TRY 14,250.00
Injunctive Relief in Inheritance, Denial of Inheritance, Cases Regarding the Appointment of a Representative to the Inheritance Company TRY 31,750.00
Bookkeeping in Inheritance TRY 21,250.00

How are Antalya Heritage Lawyer Fees Determined?

A number of parameters are taken into consideration when determining Antalya inheritance lawyer fees. Accordingly, the attorney’s fee determined cannot be less than the amount stipulated in the Attorney Minimum Wage Schedule; The experience and competence of the lawyer is determined by taking into account such factors as the complexity and difficulty of the work subject to assistance, the characteristics, conditions and dynamics of the concrete file.

When are Antalya Heritage Lawyer Fees Paid?

There is no legal limitation on the schedule of the fee to be paid to the lawyer in the assistance of the lawyer to be received for the business, transaction, dispute resolution and litigation follow-up that fall within the examination and regulation area of inheritance law. Therefore, when the fee will be paid is freely determined between the lawyer and the attorney and/or the client.

How Much Does Inheritance Litigation Cost?

There are certain expense items that affect the expense in inheritance cases. These are: whether it is filed as an indeterminate receivable or a certain receivable case, it consists of advance fees, discovery expenses, notification expenses, application fees and expert fees. However, it should be noted that the conditions and characteristics of the concrete event may cause additional expense items to arise in addition to these expenses.

How Long Do Inheritance Cases Last?

There are numerous factors that influence the duration of inheritance cases. The fact that the case is followed by a lawyer who has experience and competence in inheritance law will be very useful in order to conclude the process in a short time. Although the complexity and difficulty of the concrete file varies according to factors such as the workload of the court where it is examined and decided;

  • Cases seeking the annulment of succession are usually 9 to 12 months,
  • Unfair occupation compensation cases take approximately 1 to 1,5 years,
  • Lawsuits filed due to the legal reason of smuggling of property from inheritance are approximately 1,5 to 2,5 years,
  • Claims due to inheritance are often concluded between 9 months and 12 months.

Is it Mandatory to Hire an Inheritance Lawyer?

In the Turkish legal system – except for exceptional cases regulated in the law – there is no obligation to be represented by a lawyer. People can file a lawsuit without hiring a lawyer and follow the case they have filed. However, in order to avoid irreparable and even impossible losses in certain cases, it will be much healthier to apply to a successful, legal knowledge and experience inheritance lawyer.

How to Find the Best Inheritance Lawyer in Antalya?

For lawyers, the use of adjectives such as “best” that indicate professional success is not correct in terms of both professional ethics and legal order. Because the legal profession is not subject to a measure – evaluation test or interview – where lawyers can see their achievements and be classified according to their achievements. Therefore, characterizations as “the best” are unfounded.

In Which Courts Does Antalya Heritage Lawyer Serve?

Antalya inheritance lawyer provides attorneyship and legal consultancy services in Antalya Civil Courts of First Instance and Antalya Magistrates’ Courts, in all of Turkey’s first instance courts and courts of Magistrates, and in cases with foreign elements within the framework of international law.

How Does Antalya Inheritance Lawyer Serve?

The Antalya inheritance lawyer conducts a serious, comprehensive and multifaceted examination of the file entrusted to them by the client and determines the most accurate and ideal road map. They develop effective, sustainable and successful solutions in order to conclude the concrete file in a short time and in the desired direction and to prevent loss of rights and interests.

The Importance of Working with an Inheritance Law Attorney

In order to carry out the works and transactions arising from the inheritance law, disputes and lawsuits meticulously within the legal deadlines, to follow the process seriously by applying to the necessary authorities in a timely manner, and to prevent the loss of rights that are difficult to compensate, the legal knowledge, which is competent in the relevant legislation and high judicial decisions, especially the Turkish Civil Code Getting help from a high heritage lawyer would be the best approach.

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