Emine Şekeroğlu

Emine Şekeroğlu, who was born in Antalya, graduated from high school from the Department of Office Management and Secretarial / Executive Assistance in 2012, and then graduated from the University of Health Management in 2014 and from the Correspondence School of Faculty of Justice in 2017.

Since 2015, she has worked in Law Firms as Executive Clerk, Office Management Assistant and Accounting Officer.

Since 2019, she has been working as an Office Management Assistant, Enforcement Follow-up and Clerk at Ahmet Alkan Law Firm.

Ahmet Alkan Law Firm has a large staff that attaches importance to expertise. Ahmet Alkan Law Firm’s staff consists of expert lawyers, as well as employees who assist the lawyers in the office and follow-up staff in order to ensure that the works in the Courthouse are followed up and resolved quickly.

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