Hilal Çivioğlu

Hilal ÇİVİOĞLU was born in Antalya Korkuteli, completed her primary education in Korkuteli. She studied at Antalya Erünal Social Studies High School, which she got in in 2011, in order to be able to study at the Faculty of Law, which has been her dream since childhood.

After 5 years of secondary education, she got into the Akdeniz University Faculty of Law in 2016. Hilal ÇİVIOĞLU, who participated in many conferences, seminars and training programs during her university years and had the opportunity to meet with professors who have improved themselves in various fields of law, graduated from the university after 4 productive and instructive years.

After graduation, she started her internship at Ahmet Alkan Law Firm. After completing her 1 year official internship, she started her professional work life by getting her Attorney’s License on October 20, 2021. She is currently working as a lawyer at Ahmet Alkan Law Firm.

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