Privacy Principles

Visiting the website of Ahmet ALKAN and Alkan Law Office or contacting us via e-mail is bonded to the following conditions.

1- The official website of Ahmet ALKAN and Alkan Law Firm and all of the content and information on the site are for informational purposes. The content of the site does not have the quality of professional advice to be compatible with any legal or legal profession. In addition, the site does not have any advertising, business or commercial purposes.

2- Visiting this website or contacting us via e-mail will not create any proxy relationship between the visitor and the owner of the site and its contents.

3- Atty. Ahmet ALKAN and Alkan Law Firm are in no way responsible for the actions of visitors based on this website, and for any damages that may arise from the direct or indirect use of any legal information, text and other content on this site.

4- Atty. AhmetALKAN and Alkan Law Firm do not guarantee the absolute accuracy of the information, documents and materials on this website.

5- All of the legal secrets related to the legal questions and problems that our clients will share with us will be protected within the scope of professional secrecy in accordance with the Attorneyship Law and Professional Principles.

6- The personal information used by the client to reach us is kept confidential in accordance with the principles of professional confidentiality and responsibility and is never shared with third parties.

7- Anyone who visits this website and reaches us via e-mail is deemed to have accepted these Privacy Principles and Site Terms of Use.

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